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    docking system problem

    Discussion in 'Bugs' started by TheBlueThunder, Apr 3, 2014.

    1. TheBlueThunder

      TheBlueThunder Algorithm of hacks

      Jun 23, 2013
      I found a bug with the docking system. I made 12 big docks in my base, with all ships on them and when I undock my ship and fly out and back in the sector and try to dock, it says dock to small but I got the ship to dock now, I jumped in the build block and see that the docks are not updated fast enough in the sector, I logout and login again and the docks are fixed, I tested it over again this time the docks said to small again and I fired a missiles at the ship that was dock and it got damage even when the ship was docked on a homebase. does anyone else found this bug before on this update?