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    1. sharkman9000

      Sep 30, 2015
      I just installed a new skin and my main server was down so i booted up a singleplayer and messed with a shop and got a fleet to come after me and watching how shops are indestructible i had this idea.Destroyable shops,it would be a nice feature to have for there are very few ways to interact with the trading guild.And it wouldent be worthless ether you could put turrets and shields on the shops and a high security vault that if you broke into you would find everything in the shop,pair that up with the turrets and a beefed up fleet that comes to defend the shop and you finaly have a reason to make the trading guild mad besides RP.Just somthing i thought would be cool.

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    2. Captain Skwidz

      Captain Skwidz turtleStew

      Jun 14, 2017
      iirc the current stick shops will be replaced with better ones. What shop did you attack? Was it the one at 2, 2, 2? It might be indestructible on purpose or you might not have strong enough weapons.
    3. MacThule

      Jan 31, 2015
      It's a good thought, but the stick shops are temporary feature to make playtesting easier by providing fairly convenient access to resources everywhere you go.

      They aren't meant to permanent, so work on them would be pointless. Go visit the homebases of some NPC factions - those are the new shops. In the near future they, and stations like them, along with any player-built shops, will become the only shops. You can totally destroy them... if you have enough firepower.

      Wish granted?
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