Dem Feels.

    Jul 3, 2013
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    I have a story.

    It starts in Sun-World server, a server I've started playing a bit whenever Illusive goes down. I putz around and make some cash. Buy a destroyer, putz around even for even more cash. Then run off when I get a decent recipe to go mine a planet for materials.

    It turns out, that while I was away, someone destroyed my ship. It figures, since turrets won't fire until war is declared and war is declared ONLY when a ship starts taking block damage. And since hull is paper it doesn't mean anything.

    It's a common occurance; but it was different this time. I tracked the ship down to someone's base.

    OMG, you killed Ken- stole my ship!
    You bastards!

    So in Righteous Fury (and with more guns), I came in and started shelling the place. It was a homebase, so my targets were limited. All I could do was destroy anything not docked and occasionally catch someone trying to escape.

    Spawncamping is, of course, forbidden, so I ended up leaving.

    Later that day, I returned. This time there was someone in a ship to protect it. MY SHIP. The guy copied my ship, bought multiple copies, then tried to kill me with it.

    I destroyed him and then it went the same as last time.

    Next day, I popped on and went back to mining. Testing out my new planet miner (It lagged the server so I guess it's a success). I see someone from that faction hop on, and as time passes I see lots of "X declares war on Y" messages being caused by that one guy. Taking a quick look on players online shows that no one of the defending factions are there.

    This wasn't the first time either. The faction seems to be full of opportunists who wait until a faction's players logoff and then raid them.

    So turnabout is fair play. I head back and start shelling them. The only difference? I'm doing damage! Some goof must have either un-homed the base or removed the faction block and replaced it without having HB permissions.

    You can understand how giddy I was. After turning on my horribly corny pirating music, I started systematically destroying their turrets, shops/buildings, the copies of my ship, (Whose turrets were also firing at me), and everything they owned.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold and often after all.

    That first guy came back from his raids, I went and gunned him down in an instant; then continued my rampage. A second player logged on, and the first guy obviously respawns in his base. My turrets fire on them as I continue to shell the place.

    I was fully aware that this could be considered spawncamping, but my thoughts where "Well I'm just in their base and it just happens that my turrets (which I switched off via structure tab, but that doesn't seem to work) were killing their doodz. I can't possibly be at fault."

    Furthermore, I gave them two chances to escape as I backed off and gave them a minute to run. They chose not to. So I went back and continued shelling them.

    Afterwards I made my escape, completely unscathed, leaving behind a massive wake of destruction.

    While we bickered on chat afterwards, I reflected on my actions. It dawned on me the full extent of damage that I did.

    I just destroyed possibly weeks of hardwork by 8 people due to one person stealing a ship that took me about 4 hours to make. Said person obviously had little experience in the game (He used downloaded ship designs). He saw my ship and went all giddy with newbie glee that he had a new toy to play with; and he was obviously happy with it as he bought more. Isn't that what we want as ship designers? To have people willing to use our creations?

    In the end, I bought him another 200mil credit SFW_Icarus (Named GuenerKreuzer "Greener Cruiser" note; It's still white.). Even if I get banned for spawncamping; I won't mind.

    I am a pirate.
    I do piratey things.
    I do piratey things not because I have to, but because I want to.
    And I just did piratey things and it went swimmingly.
    I wasn't the one that unprotected their homebase.
    I didn't instigate the conflict.
    So why do I feel bad?

    Maybe I'm just not suited for piracy.
    I'm gonna go shoot things to make myself feel better.


    Way gayer than originally thought.
    Jun 29, 2013
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    10/10 story.

    Honestly, though, sounds like you need to get a million and a half credits and make a mini station/faction home to dock your ship to.

    I find that I would personally only deliver that brand of justice if I were, say, repeatedly mauled by the same pirate while mining or something.
    Perhaps talk to a member of the faction before shelling them next time.
    Jul 3, 2013
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    Sun-World is primarily a German server. My experience with American servers are that those who speak languages other than English are quickly told off. Thus, on that server; I hold my tongue as a sign of respect and only speak when the conversations are mainly in English.
    Jun 30, 2013
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    he steals your ship, you shell 8 weeks of his work, thats basically what the CR did to Baalzan during our time on Illusive, only difference is he had a 1km long titan he was working on server-side, proberbly bout a few months of work, but to be fair we warned him several times about continued agression against us. Sadly he never stopped bombing the drones we deployed to defend our base and felt the full wraith of our military, after which he never returned.
    Mar 10, 2014
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    A game is a game if you operate within the rules it makes no odds what you do. If people don\'t like it then it is tough luck they need to hire a private server or play single player.