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    Council Applications Released

    Discussion in 'Council News' started by DukeofRealms, Apr 10, 2015.

    1. DukeofRealms

      DukeofRealms Count Duku

      Sep 4, 2013
      Greetings Citizens,

      CIR Applications have now officially closed, no more applications will be accepted from this point forward.

      All applications which have passed our basic tests, have now been made available for viewing here: http://starmadedock.net/forums/council-app/

      Application threads have been locked, so you will not be able to reply to them.

      If your application is not present in this area, your application has most likely been rejected. Users who have rejected apps will receive a PM within the next few days. That being said, if your application is currently present in the council applications section, it can still be rejected in our in-depth review.

      Voting will begin approximately one week from now, we're still developing and designing our voting system (which will be Single transferable vote) and council website. More information will be available in upcoming announcements.

      What we are still figuring out:
      • Number of councillors
      • Specific council sections/seats
      • Finer details on the organisation and structuring
      • Other community interactions (Steam, Foreign communities)
      • And probably some other things I've forgotten

      As this term of the council is the first one, we have not fleshed out how everything works. Because of this, we are changing this terms time period to 3 months, instead of the normal 6 months. This first council will be a period of testing and experimenting, a lot of changes to protocols and systems within the council will be taking place. Hopefully, by the end of this period, we will have everything documented and sorted for the next council.

      Suggestions are still welcome, please post them in my original council thread.

      Council promotional threads should be made here, as well as any other council related thread.

      If you wish to withdraw your application at any time (or remind me that you requested to withdraw), please make sure to PM me. Sooner rather than later.

      Thanks to all applicants for applying, and good luck in the upcoming elections!

      - SM Team
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    2. Megacrafter127

      Jul 21, 2013
      One thing for future council-application publications: tag the applicant or provide a link to their profile, to allow those looking at the application to quickly do a more in-debth search.
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