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    Could anyone recommend a server for me?

    Discussion in 'Community Servers' started by Ckeeze, Dec 16, 2017.

    1. Ckeeze

      Ckeeze innovator

      Jul 6, 2017
      Hi, I'm trying to get into starmade pvp and factions but it's hard to find a server that suits my needs.
      What I need:
      -blueprints enabled!
      -a medium-large server with decent playerbase
      -not too hardcore, and unfriendly (I'm a newbie)
      -has a ship mass limit around (200k-100k)
      -located in central europe, or atleast in europe (anything between France and Russia would be nice)
      -it's galaxy isn't occupied by one or two big blobby unfriendly faction
      -is in 0.200.251 (this is not a big concern and may be ignored as I'm not gonna play immidietly)

      I won't be joining the server instantly becouse i need to prepare a couple of ships and small stations to start with.

      Thank you for your time, and thank you for your suggestions!
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    2. Bogdan

      Bogdan Grand Master of OOB

      Oct 8, 2015
      • Ship mass limits at 500k, but few players use ships that size.
      • Fast connection from central europe
      • 24/7
      • Many powerful factions of all shapes and sizes
      • blueprints enabled
      • medium-large server with decent playerbase

      Only real problem is it is quite hardcore unless you become a service providing faction. But you learn fast.

      Perhaps NaStral can give a better summary than me of this, but I think it could be suitable for you.