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    Jun 9, 2019
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    So, I realize,, why do I even want controllers???

    anyway. according to the steam page, the demo should be the same as the paid version. I thought I bought the dang version, but I guess not.

    so, when I go to use the controller, I have to set it up every time, but also, it gets really buggy. in order to set it up, I have to click the arrows all back and forth, or some crazy settings happen regardless of what it says, then every time I go into the controller menu, I have to set up EVERY single button and stick every single time. they all deselect.

    also, as far as I can tell, there's no way to mine or place blocks with the controller.

    anyway, here's my settings that I think are so great and justify controller support.

    look around - right stick, strafe - left stick, forward - left stick button, back - right stick button, roll - z/triggers.

    I would probably use the left and right bumpers to place and break blocks, use some controller buttons for R and item select,,, then have the keyboard have full functionality, and be able to disable the mouse from movement and placement, and instead have the mouse cursor able to select items on the screen.

    Anyway,,,, what's the current situation with controller support in the paid version from steam???
    It's super important to me that I can fly my ship using the controller, but also fly my guy with the controller and place blocks would be super nice. In other words,, I CAN play how I want to (after a whole bunch of tries to set up the controller), but it's not so easy.

    what do others think of forward back being the stick buttons instead of the standard forward back strafe of normal walking games?? forward actually doesn't really need to be a potentiometer for my flying, as long as accel takes a bit of time.
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