Community Server Rules + Permissions

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    Sep 4, 2014
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    This thread is subject to change in the future; please make sure to watch out for changes. We will post any changes made in this thread.

    The "Community Servers" subforum also has some extra permissions given to thread creators. Thread creators can:
    • Delete posts in their own thread.
    • See where a post has been deleted (not the contents of the post), this also includes moderator deleted posts.
    These extra permissions come with additional rules, please make sure you've read and understood the rules specific to the community server forum below.

    • If a post violates the rules, the thread creator must report it before deleting it.
    If you want to undelete a post, please use the report function on the thread (first post) detailing which post(s) you want to be undeleted.

    NB: Posts are never deleted on the forum, just hidden. Posts deleted by thread creators will be viewable by moderation and administration.

    - SMD Administration
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