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    Cargo Transfer Not Working

    Discussion in 'Game Support' started by splatthecat, Aug 13, 2019.

    1. splatthecat

      Jan 14, 2016
      I have just noticed recently that cargo transfer from one entity is no longer working?

      I have tried the old, pre load/unload blocks method and the new one but neither seems to work regardless of how I set it up or how the permissions are set for the new rail blocks. All are linked correctly and the storage blocks are set to pull either ALL or what is likely to be needed in the case of mining drones.

      Is this a new bug or is there another step or method that I have missed?
    2. Energywelder

      Energywelder Director-General, EDY

      Oct 5, 2013
      Just going to run through all the possibles real quick, ignore if you've already checked.

      1) C docker block, v chest, c other chest, v rail (i think that's the right order)
      2) 1st chest has auto-pull off (OFF) other chest obviously has auto pull on for certain stuff.