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    Bug/cheat logging off to avoid respawn

    Discussion in 'Bugs' started by ybron, Apr 2, 2014.

    1. ybron

      Feb 26, 2014
      My current version: v0.1401;build 20120323_003100;LauncherVersion 9.

      My friends and I are playing the game as is, and have noticed both in server and singleplayer. when you die, it pops up the window to respawn, but if you "X" out of the Respawn window, and just log off and back in.You will respawn in the same sector you died in, rather than going back to your Plex Un-deathinator or original spawn...

      Maybe upon death it should send you back to respawn point before it prompts a window to respawn?Because this has made it very easy for us to just die by a pirate, and wait logged off for a few until the pirates move on, and then log back in, and we are close enough to our ship to get back into it before it disapears... hope this helps. my email if you have further questions as I don't go on the forums often:Ybronhaiasi@gmail.com