Brierie's Dedicated StarMade Server

    Jul 21, 2016
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    Hi Flethanvian,

    I cannot comment on the rumors about the behavior of the admins.

    I am also a returning player and have been playing there for 2 days.
    I saw about 1-7 players in the server list
    On average 4
    I've met about 5 different players since then

    Because starmade universe is big, I would say that's a good relationship
    I met most of the people with relatively large spaceships at 2, 2, 2.
    I was there to trade very often

    If you are wondering why only 1-3 people write/awnser in the chat:
    for example, i almost never write in a chat because because i'm building up and mostly play with a friend and we're on teamspeak or discord

    "player count boost" conclusion:
    That could be true with the fake players but is unlikely in my opinion

    Because of the failures and the inactivity of the admins, I suspect that this is because the admins take care of other things themselves or are currently playing other games
    You can join the discord and write to the starmade admin directly

    I had the feeling that this is the only server with players and that the server runs relatively smoothly if it did not just go to a complete failure