Brainstorming Basic Creatures and Flora for the Future.

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    1. EricBlank

      Jul 1, 2013
      schemaschema recently stated theyre starting on the universe update, and last i heard, after that they wanted to start working on things like creatures and flora to populate that universe.

      So i thought, why dont we pitch in some ideas for very basic, super simple critters and plants that we feel would be fun to interact with. Both on and off planets

      Its probably a good idea to include what sort of environment theyll fit into, too.

      So i had a few ideas based on what we already have seen from the devs in the past:
      • Space gnats: like a mostly spherical core body a meter wide with 2m wings on each side. They propel themselves with thrusters on the body, the wings they angle towards the sun to collect solar energy. They swarm around asteroids and "eat" minerals off them. Harvesting them with a salvage beam or shooting them and flying through the remains yields minerals from the asteroid type they were orbiting and occasionally small quantities of other minerals. But they flee when approached by anything, having an effective t:m ratio of like 2 or something. They dont actually break down asteroids, so theyre like a passive resource generator you have to catch
      • The space whales; i figured these could actively hunt the space gnats with their emp pulses, and get upset at players that kill their prey too greedily and like headbutt your ship a few times before zapping it if you dont stop? You could hunt them for more abundant minerals or space whale jelly to sell.
      • Those crab monsters; maybe these are like a parasite to space whales and a predator of humans and space gnats and other small critters. They hide in burrows they drill into rock and spaceship hulls with their caustic acid spit, which they use to kill prey and penetrate space whales' hides. They can crawl and launch themselves with their legs or scoot around slowly in open space.
      • Hive monsters; this is like the most common space monster trope i know of. Theres a giant queen somewhere that eats things voraciously and swarms of drones she sends out into other sectors to scout or collect stuff. Theyd go after anything they find, living or not, short of a star. They could even invade and start eating things off of a planet. A single solar system couldnt support one of these for the duration of the game, every once in a while theyd eat everything and move on to the next.
      • Star snakes; these guys live inside and around stars. Somehow? Theyre dangerous to hunt, on the order of a hive queen, and sometimes attack other objects and creatures/ships in a system. Very rare, and should probably be very rewarding.
      As far as on planet goes, i really hope we get the game to be able to create its own procedurally generated critters unique to a particular planet, but on others that are overrun by foreign organisms we can have some basics like dogs. I cant imagine humanity without dogs.

      And then theres vegetation. Earthly or Earth-like vegetation all over the place is popular in scifi, maybe because we're all terrible at imagining vegetables versus animals.

      We can have a inverted parasol/umbrela shaped stalk that traps rainwater inside it. Blisters that form on the ground and are nearly as tough as rocks, green spots and softly glowing interiors. Plants that float atop the water, use their "roots" to snag organic matter floating underneath. We dont have to stick to terrestrial flora in any sense. Some "plants" could even move around
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    2. WarSong

      WarSong Cmdr Deathmark

      May 29, 2013
      I need a big -fuck off- cat-like combat pet. Even if I have to breed one through mating. I just need something to keep all these crabs and spiders the hell away. I'll take a dog or wolf thing even. Anything that keeps the wild life at bay and can terrorize crews when I start boarding their doomed ships for plunder and w/e they have that passes for booze. I can imagine having conscripted an entire tribe of hunter/gatherers to my crew, assigned them and their hunting partner animals as marines, then just swing by the local pirate station. Whatever isn't totally covered in blood or charred beyond recognition goes straight into my wondrous plunder hole.
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    3. jayman38

      jayman38 Precentor-Primus, pro-tempore

      Jul 13, 2014
      I hope future flora concepts will use a parts-database. I think that is how the laser-spiders were implemented in-game. Different parts merged together via XML rules. Different types of parts, merged in reasonable ways, and painted a color. This will allow server owners to build their own creatures. And if the system is robust enough, it might even allow randomized creatures.

      This suggests a number of generic parts that can be combined in different configurations.

      limb segments (thin, medium, thick) (smooth, scaled, spiky)
      body segments (thin, medium, thick) (short, medium, long)
      mouths (short, muzzle, fanged)
      stingers (thin, medium, thick)
      grippers (number of digits, size, sharpness)
      eyes (single, compound, multi)
    4. boxcartenant

      Mar 25, 2014
      I think it would be neat to implement, instead of round-ish planets, flat planets on elephants on turtles... or maybe just put a few of those scattered around the universe... (jk)
    5. EricBlank

      Jul 1, 2013
      What about freaky space "turtles" with ecosystems under their transluscent shells?
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    6. Lone_Puppy

      Lone_Puppy Me, myself and I.

      Mar 12, 2015
      Yeah, I agree!
      I personally see this as the logical path to follow for most things in this game, asteroids, planets, systems, factions...etc.
      I mentioned a while back using this methodology to generate faction stations and ships. It gives you an infinite possible races with minimal effort. All you have to do is build parts and they're brought together using an algorithm.
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    7. EricBlank

      Jul 1, 2013
      Actually that all totally makes sense. I wonder if the devs could do that.