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    Blocks/ Chunks randomly disappearing.

    Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Phillzor, Apr 2, 2014.

    1. Phillzor

      Mar 30, 2014

      Im having this issue on my multiplayer server (only 3 players) where every now and then, quite randomly actually, me or another player will find that some blocks/ chunks will have just disappeared for the certain player.

      For example, in our ship, we have a ship core with a square hull around it (protecting it), today when i logged on, that whole area had been "cut" out and i couldnt even SEE the ship core nor the hull surrounding it and the floor was missing too.

      The wierd part is, that my friends can still see the intact ship with everything in place, its just my client that doesnt recognise it/ loses it. The same thing has happened to my friends aswell where parts of things just go missing.

      Usually to resolve this, we end up just "/delete_entity" the ship, going to the shop and re-buying it, which fixes the issue. This is all well and great, but when you have like a huge space station (which weve recently started working on), its a lot harder to solve this kind of error. We had the same thing happen this morning where chunks were not appearing for me, so i had my friend remove the corrupted area and rebuilt it (seems like it was fine), but its a huge pain in the ass having to do this every time something goes wrong.

      Out of all the errors and bugs in this game, this one is defiently the most frustrating and really needs to be fixed ASAP.

      Thank you.