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    Timezone (GMT): + 10

    How much time are you able to commit to being on the council per week? I am still in school, as such my time is limited to that of after school.

    I'm usually free from 5:00pm to 11:00pm during weekdays, while weekends tend to fluctuate greatly.

    If my weekend is free, I'll normally be free from 12:00am to 11:00pm on a Saturday, while Sundays will be occupied.

    I can commit to the council whenever I'm free, as I don't have any other commitments.

    Adding up the above times up leaves me with 41 hours of free time, any amount of that can be committed to the council.

    How long have you been playing StarMade? I have been playing since Yogswarm, but registered on the forums about a year later. If I'm correct, that would mean since mid-late 2014.

    What’s your playstyle in StarMade? Until I have any ships I can use on a survival server, I've just been a creative builder, trialing various different designs for my faction's style. However, I'm quite fond of the whole factions scene as well as the politics, so once I have something resembling a fleet, I hope to start properly building up my faction, Star Corp.

    What are some qualities you think you posses that would make you a good council member? I've been studying game design since the age of 12, and I believe (Trying not to sound arrogant here) I'm qualified to know what mechanics work with a game and various other mechanics. I've got a pretty good idea of what the game is hoping to be (Entirely from what the staff have told the community). Combining these two, I have an educated idea as to what can/will work, and how so.

    I myself am an amateur programmer, and have some insight into the programming of the game. I sort of have an idea as to what can be done and how, allowing me to better judge which suggestions would be best suited for the game.

    I'm passionate about game development. As already stated, I'm an amateur developer, and that's because I'm going into development for my career. being passionate about game development makes me passionate about assisting in the development of other great games, and in this case, whether it be through design or actual programming, I have a desire to help develop games, or of course make my own.

    What are some of your weaknesses? I can get distracted quite easily

    I'm not the greatest at committing to things, while I've certainly improved over time, it could still use some work

    I tend to be more, expressive. I usually add more emotion to what I write, both on and off the forums, and sometimes people can and have perceived what I've said incorrectly.

    What motivates you to become a council member? The fact that this game can be truly amazing, being able to rival that of Star Citizen or even EVE Online! I want to see this game succeed and become as amazing as it could, so I feel that as a member of the community, it's my responsibility, like everyone else's, to contribute and assist in the game's growing. Joining the council is a greater means of doing such a thing, so of course I seek to join and to fulfill my duty not only to the developers, but to the community as well.

    How do you contribute to the community currently? I've written up many suggestions regarding how to improve upon the current mechanics or making new ones. One of my more recent ones is the Faction Points Economy, which has since gained a lot of traction.

    I'm also found within chat daily, usually within the time periods said earlier.

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