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    ATTENTION, Read this first!

    Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ImperialDonut, Jun 30, 2013.

    1. ImperialDonut

      ImperialDonut Overlord of the North Pole

      Apr 23, 2013
      You all might have noticed that the suggestions section on this forum is starting to clog up a bit, so we're trying something new to organize the flow of suggestions and comments better!

      That being a google moderator page, it's just a little experiment for now, but if it flows and works well we may well start using this as a big source of community feedback for improvements.

      Please follow these rules to allow other players a fair chance to present their idea’s.

      - Read before you post.

      Read through related topics and their comments before posting your own, duplicating idea’s from other players in a slightly different form is unnecessary and only clogs up the section.

      - Comment on existing topics.

      If your suggestion already exists but you do not agree with its execution, leave your version or view of it in a comment on the topic, do not create a new one.

      - Think about and motivate your suggestions.

      A suggestion topic that states something along the lines of: “I want [feature] in the game!” with no further explanation or motivation will be removed/locked. Every suggested feature, block or other addition can and should be motivated. Let us know why it would be a great idea!