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      Atlantus Shipyard
      A shipyard dedicated to Lantean ships both as seen, but also mentioned in the Stargate franchise modeled as close to Stargate cannon as my abilities allow.

      Currently consisting of two finished ships and one which is still under heavy development, but will hopefully one day consist of several different ships from both cannon and fannon.

      The first ship is the Puddle Jumper or, I guess Gateship, unfortunately not very suitable for RP as the logic systems for extending and retracting the jumper drive pods along with the cloak take up most of the cockpit and the rail system takes up most of the rear compartments.

      Length: 11m
      Width: 7m
      Height: 4m
      Systems: Cloak

      The second ship is a science vessel never seen in the show but only mentioned.
      The Adarus-class science ship is slow, but has a powerful scanner and is outfitted with a mid-range jumpdrive; somewhat more RP friendly than the jumper it has limited internals and a crew of 4 people. Inefficient power generation doesn't leave much room for modifications to the Hyperdrive, charging the jumpdrive and doing anything else at the same time, consumes a lot of power.

      Length: 93m
      Width: 61m
      Height: 25m

      Shield strength: 230 000
      Shield recharge: 13 875 pr/s
      Reactor recharge: 87 500 pr/s
      TWR: 0,4
      Max speed for Hyperdrive: 12 km/charge or 1200 ly/pr charge
      Systems: Low end-Interstellar Hyperdrive and level 5 scanner

      Basic internal structure, nothing big just a bunch of forcefields which are supposed to be screens displaying information.



      The ship currently under heavy development is an Aurora-class battleship, it will be RP friendly and will hopefully be quite formidable in a battle. The ship has been under construction for the past months and is currently nearing completion.

      Built on roughly 1:4 scale

      Length: 650m
      With: 273m
      Height: 122m

      Shield strength: 42 750 000
      Shield recharge: 2 171 200 pr/s
      Reactor recharge: 14 663 000 pr/s
      TWR: 0,4
      Reactor allows for Hyperdrive modification to allow for faster travel, fit for both interstellar and intergalactic travel when modified.
      Max speed IS: 24 km/minute or 2400 ly/minute
      Max speed IG: 36 km/minute or 3600 ly/minute
      Systems: Interstellar Hyperdrive, Level 1 scanner, Drones (heat seeking missiles), 2 hangar bay doors, with more planned.



      I have a thread in the Fan art/screenshots section of the forums where there are plenty more photos of the ships if anyone is interested, I mostly post about the progress of the battleship but every now and then I need a break from designing that so I make some other things. Any feedback is graciously accepted and I try to be as accurate to cannon Stargate as I can.

      Will one day make the ships downloadable, but not right now though.
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      Personally i'd make the Puddle Jumper brown to fit the style of the other ships better.
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      Not a bad idea actually, might just make it brown in the future, it does feel somewhat out of place atm