Argaewia [ no whitelist, 125 speed, PvE focus, RP elements ]

    Jun 27, 2013
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    For ages, ancient empire ruled the Argaewia without challenge. Lately however, the very foundation of the empire has began to rumble and numerous sectors have declared independence. In responce, Imperial Fleet fights more fiercely each day, and the fall of the empire threatens to escape out of reach. Call for help has been sent beyond the galaxy.

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    Server website

    Rules and regulations
    - No whitelist
    - 125 maximum speed
    - 5 mil starting credits
    - Unlimited catalog slots
    - Uploads allowed
    - Catalog purchases cost credits
    - No exploiting in hostile intent
    - No griefing unpiloted ships / stations
    - PVP is allowed in negative coordinates
    - Never land or crash large ships into other large objects

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