Announcing the Federation of Shipwrights

    Sep 23, 2014
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    Before I begin the main body of this announcement I'd like to take a moment and give an update regarding events that followed my previous post, "Is the SSA still a thing?". As it turns out, sadly the SSA has been abandoned since a little over a year after its founding. However, I was able to make contact with Crusade over on discord, who confirmed that the SSA has not been maintained for some time. I also asked for his permission/consent to create a successor to the SSA, to which he obliged; I can grab the screenshot from discord if anyone absolutely needs it, and he can most likely also formally confirm it himself.


    As a new Age dawns, so too does a new society... In the Golden Age of Starmade, the community had the Starmade Shipwright's Alliance, or SSA, to serve as the hub for all things shipbuilding. But as the Golden Age faded into memory, so too did the SSA, leaving the community all the more barren for it.

    but now, in this Age of Renewal, a new entity, seeking to carry on at least the legacy of the SSA, has arisen. Introducing: The Federation of Shipwrights. Intended for shipbuilders of all skill levels, from building nimble fighters to mighty dreadnoughts, the Federation welcomes you

    Maybe you don't even consider yourself a shipwright, but rather just somebody who likes to build nice ships? Well come and join the Federation and not only hone your skills but show off your talents, and in time, perhaps even guide the next generation of shipwrights.

    For the next 12 months, the official Federation discord (Invite link, is holding a Discord Event: Send in an application, and if accepted, you will be given the title of First Wave Shipwright, and those with the highest level of skill shall be granted a seat at the Federation Administrative Council. Any members' applications that are timestamped BEFORE the event ends, even if they are accepted post-end, will be still considered First Wave. All those who are timestamped later than the event end will simply receive a standard membership.

    All First Wave Shipwrights will also receive an "identity board" channel, which will provide a brief description of a chosen avatar for each member, and a brief description about them.


    As of current, the discord is still under construction, and the criteria for acceptance have yet to be decided upon. In the interest of fairness, after each major change, all applications that have previously been processed will be re-processed, which may result in revoking of an existing membership, or a formerly denied application being accepted upon review.

    It should also be noted however that not just shipwrights may join the discord; you can also join simply as a member of the community, and participate in discussions and give advice in the public channels. There are also members-only areas however, for internal discussions.

    I'll see you in the Drydocks, Shipwrights.

    Founding Shipwright Kael'Alanai Revy'Ru'un
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