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    Responses in this application will be posted publicly in a voting thread.

    Timezone (GMT): UTC+05:30

    How much time are you able to commit to being on the council per week? Approximately 7 to 14 hours a week.
    Some days less, some days more.

    How long have you been playing StarMade? I've been playing it since I found it a year ago. Awesome game, great potential. I was playing around with it for a while before I acutely decided to buy the game and register on these forums.

    What’s your playstyle in StarMade? I enjoy all play styles, I'm an avid builder. I like to recreate ships from popular sci-fi genres. I like to play hardcore and survival for more of a challenge. I also like to play on multiplayer servers whenever possible (Slow internet in India makes this a problem however). But when given the choice between faction or lone wolf, I probably tend to lean towards lone wolf.

    What are some qualities you think you posses that would make you a good council member? - I'm a really good listener.
    - I've never disrespected, or insulted anybody.
    - I like standing up for the little guy and playing devil's advocate.
    - I'm good at representing opinions of others whether I personally share their opinion or not.

    What are some of your weaknesses? I'm not a very vocal guy. I believe in the adage of not saying anything unless I can improve the silence.

    What motivates you to become a council member? All too often the opinions of the majority are squished by the most vocal members of the community. The biggest problem however, is that instead of standing up and voicing their concerns they just leave. I want to keep as many people playing Starmade as possible by giving voices to the voiceless.

    How do you contribute to the community currently? I'm active in the forum. I respond to suggestion threads offering my own opinions. i occasionally offer my own ideas as well. I liberally give out likes and agree's.

    I currently share all of my completed, personal builds in the community content area. Hopefully it will stay that way.

    All warnings, active or inactive will be posted on your application.

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