Account/Password Recovery Issue

    Jul 26, 2013
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    Can i please get a password confirmation link sent to my email? The Starmade login window password reset button does not work.

    (Where it sends me.)
    (The only thing on the site)
    "There is no valid connected account request available. Please try again."

    I think something is just messed up w my account or something, not really sure.

    Been with Starmade since around the end of alpha beginning of beta i think pretty sure it was either free or maybe 6 bucks or something back then.
    Have over 800 hours
    Please help me
    Still have account
    Still have email that goes with it

    For some reason it always says "invalid credentials" and i have tried every variation of name and password possible.

    I know i didn't post my email here. Waiting to talk with someone first.

    Thank you guys for making such an incredible game it doesn't get enough publicity people don't realize.

    And thanks in advance for any help!