2015 Warsong's Builders Challenge

    Dec 15, 2013
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    I decided to complete Warsong's challenge and as such here are the ships/turrets I came up with. These were more difficult then I expected...
    Week 1:
    PDT (Note, the lights on the barrel switch back and forth)

    Cherry Picker:


    Cargo Drop Pod:

    Cloaked Probe: Capable of Cloaking and Jamming for 1000 seconds)

    Reactor: 6476 e/s (Note: To enter the ship one must dock to it and then use the ship cycling function)

    Anti-Fighter Missile Turret:

    Dang building this small is hard...
    Tell me what you think!
    Week 2:
    Harasser Drone:

    VIP Shuttle:
    Light Fighter:

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