uss perseverance

    1. Wilavid7

      United Sectors Shipyards (USS)

      United Sectors Shipyards Current Project Updated Frequently - Watch this Thread to stay up to date USS Endeavor (~500 m Carrier) Focus: Better use of negative space, large scale details, better general form, depth, hangar layout, cool logic, interesting and unique interior, Power 2.0, Weapons...
    2. Wilavid7

      USS Perseverance Mk 1.4

      ~1.4 Updated with a Transporter, slabs, automatic doors on the interior, improved logic with the Hangar door~ ~1.3 Updated with Rail Docking, Rail Turrets, and Improved Docked Power Reactor~ As the first capital ship of the United Sectors Shipyards, the Battle-Cruiser-Class USS Perseverance...