station defense

    1. L

      Vesperian defense station! 1.00.0

      The Vesperian defense station is a small, well-rounded station with enough room for expandability and creator choices regarding the interior. The armor is Standard, and while it might be Very expensive to construct in a survival world, it will hold off against Most of the Generic Ships in the...
    2. DeepspaceMechanic

      ALIEN TARGET PRACTICE - Kill the wasps before you kill the hive! v1

      After some amount of daydreaming-aloud about such a thing in different threads, I finally made it. Allow me to present this alien-style interactive station, fitted with a shield sensor / defense drone launching system! Attack it with larger ships for a fun-enough PvE experience. The station...
    3. DeepspaceMechanic

      ALIEN SHIP: The "Purple Wasp Drone" v1.2

      Note: there's a small hidden room inside the ship; you can reach it with the transporter in the ceiling of the front opening. The ship was designed to work as an AI-driven drone. It's equipped with two beam weapons, each of 183,000 DPS (so since the AI fires all weapons at once, this ship can...