mining drone

    1. StarMade Lover

      Mining Drone MK3 1.0

      Futura Mining Drone MK3 Picture of it is set as icon.
    2. Gmodism

      GI_BOXXY Mining Drone MK3U

      The Gmodism Industries Brings you: GI_BOXXY Mining Drone The GI's most popular mining drone in an updated version. The sturdy design has easy docking below, good storage and easily accessible computers from top. It's as cheap as aesthetically possible but not cheaper. Great for harsh survival...
    3. X

      Mining Dron MD-61 (new power) v.01

      Power block - 9 Salvage Block - 61 Cargo Spase - 2.5 k Thruster 2.5 Shild no Transporter 5*3*9
    4. B

      Scavenger Test Prototype

      This drone is a prototype and will most likely be updated. If you want to help me improve this prototype so it actually works in fleets please pm me.
    5. Xskyth

      Bug Mining Drones Won't Move

      when i try to use mining drones the just sit there. i give the fleet order 'mine this sector' and the flip around and point at the asteroids but do not move. when i use 'carrier recall' they again flip around and point at their designated pickup point but do not move. even their thruster plumes...
    6. Green-Knight-44

      POREX_MINER_1-OHU (Mining) 2017-02-25

      This is the first in a soon-to-be series of various miners by the illustrious Porex Corporation. The POREX_MINER_1-OHU (Overhaul Update) is an upgraded version of my more rudimentary design of my very first mining ship the POREX_MINER_1. It remains consistent with my favoured (hallway...
    7. Gmodism

      GI_Boxxy Salvage Drone Mk1

      The Gmodism Industries Brings you: GI_BOXXY The Boxxy is a stabile and ReadyToGo(TM) trusted mining drone that will salvage till it's full and unload when docked to main ship, core and storage are easily accessible, efficient for it's size and outputs 6 salvage beams. The BOX shaped design and...
    8. Wilavid7

      CRT Rummager Mk 1.0

      Continuing Cargo/Resources Transporters' line of industrial Salvagers is the CRT-Rummager. Built to be self-sufficient for long-range mining expeditions, the vessel comes equipped with crew quarters for 4, mess hall/kitchen, engineering, cockpit, and two USD Airlocks. The ship also features a...
    9. Edymnion

      Peon Class Mining Drone 2016-12-21

      Peon Class Mining Drone ------------------------------------ Mass: 57.5 Thrust: 102.8 TTM Ratio: 1.8:1 Salvage Power: 50 (constant fire) Shields: 3,294 (121/sec regen) Armor HP: 19,225 Structure HP: 13,565 A small mining drone intended to be used in large swarms for asteroid mining. Lightly...