1. colonel lacu

      JRS-Swarzeswasserfisch 666

      this is the darkest JRS ship ever but still bright enough to be classified as a JRS ship it's a very weird ship.
    2. G

      DarkStar_M-221_BlackFire 02a

      DarkStar series Old ship with some new stuff Can be upgraded (have some space) Turrets with self power-regeneration system. Have Scanner, Transporter, Ion, Inhibitor, jamer, aux system Some info on IMG
    3. Xacktar

      Hellgate Warp Gate Station 2016-07-20

      A basic warp gate for evil factions. STATS: Blocks: 22,270 Power Cap: 2,667,414 Power Regen: 429,703/sec Shield Cap: 148,479 Shield Regen: 14,960/sec Warp Gate Size: 101x101
    4. Xacktar

      Twin Reaper Station 2016-07-20

      Want to make an impression? Twin Reaper can do that for you. STATS: Block count: 354,000 Mass with docked items: 47,280,000 Shield Cap: 1,075,125 Shield Regen: 47,520/sec Power Cap: 32,263,345 Power Regen: 2,640,851/sec Turrets: 12 Shuttles: 1 Shipyards: 2 Warp Gate: 1 FEATURES: Large...
    5. Xacktar

      Nightmare Mako 2016-07-13

      The Nightmare Mako is the asteroid miner that every evil overlord puts on his Christmas list. With a massive 30,000 block array of salvage modules and hefty shields, she's built to eat everything she can sink her pointy teeth into. STATS Block Count: 161,069 Power Cap: 5,053,485 Power Regen...
    6. Thrace Vega

      Light vs Dark Server Redux

      We are a PvP and trade oriented server, with unique features found nowhere else in StarMade! Light vs Dark was originally founded in October of 2015 by Ironheld. The unique theme and focus on PvP allowed the server to grow and develop a dedicated following. The server has been recently...
    7. NaStral

      Light Vs Dark News

    8. thekingdinoco

      Arcadia Dark Shadow 1.0 2015-04-26

      Fisrt: sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand me. This is my first big project. The ship is my personal rappresentation of the ARCADIA from Captain Harlock movie of 2013. All logic: doors, doors animation, combination lock for captain room, hangar, lift, shower, defense missile system...