1. colonel lacu

      JRS-anger 1.0

    2. Raffia16th

      -Venture- Arcadia class miner 2018 power 2.0

      Just as the title states. this is a fairly cheap starting mining ship but that not its only purpose. its also one of the faster ships of its size and it built for looks more than function but it is still capable of taking entire asteroids in relatively short amount of time. PS: Feel free to...
    3. colonel lacu

      JRS-class heavy fighter Dark MKI

      The original: JRS-class heavy fighter
    4. colonel lacu

      JRS-class heavy fighter MKII 1,0

    5. colonel lacu

      JRS-class support corvette 1,0

      a corvette without primary weapons. Instead it has shield supply beams and astrotech beams installed
    6. colonel lacu

      JRS-class frigate MKI

      has a small lack of power. This might be the best ship I've ever done. I Guess
    7. FireG0dz

      V-Tech Barracuda 2016-05-28

      The V-Tech Barracuda. Hull by Darknassius, go check him out: darknassius Her weapons aren't the best for her size, but she's more devoted to speed than firepower Interior: I hope you like it!
    8. fire219

      SRSI Coke -- Light Interceptor mk4

      This is an entry into Dalmont's Next Gen Fighter competition. ================================[Fire Shipyards Press Release]================================ For the first time, the Coke light interceptor is being released to the public. Different from many other fighters of today's day and...