1. DeepspaceMechanic

      Quasar E77 - The Mysterious Science Station v1.3

      AN INVITATION FOR SOME FUN: Do you have an explorer's or detective's spirit? - Then you will love Quasar E77! The main focus of this station is interior exploration, and quite some thought and effort was put into making it worth it. If you are explorative enough, there will come several points...
    2. Lukwan

      Server setup: game-mode

      Starmade needs game-mode to be selectable when an admin is setting up their server. Every time changes are suggested to the game someone cries "you are trying to force me to play your style". Clearly people have distinctive ideas about how they want to play SM and Schine has said they want to be...
    3. Ultragamer2000

      A very cool reason to explore

      IDEA: Since the dawn of this game, I'd assume people wanted something to do other then build and fight. Here is a group of ideas for more adventure and epic! Part one So. There should be nebula systems and dust nebula systems. These systems exist in such a way that galaxies, should look...
    4. Anthros1984

      Starmade Adventures with Captain Anthros Ep4 - Order Genesis84

      Episode 4 is live now! Please go and check it out. I hope you all enjoy it and as always comments and feedback are appreciated. New episodes every Friday!
    5. Zilvs

      Starmade Manga Adventure!

      So for the past few days I have been considering creating a small manga themed story about starmade. I am thinking to have it be around 20-30 pages all hand drawn on paper because I don't have access to advanced online drawing tools. Once it is finished I am going to scan it and upload it to the...
    6. Blood Born Angel

      Sotiris~ A Space Odyssey

      Hello everyone, this is something I've been contemplating on doing for a while now. I have no idea how long I will keep this going, but I hope I can get at least a good short story out of it. Ideally, I'd like to continue expanding on the story as long as I'm here in the forums until I feel like...