1:1 scale

    1. Agogeps

      1:1 Starwars ships for Server Content.

      I am working on 1:1 content for my server, hosted at warkin.info. The players are not limited to SW content, but all server content is from that. Here are some examples of what has been converted or made so far. Hopefully you might even be able to tell what they are. Join our discord from...
    2. Agogeps

      SR StarWars 24/7 Dedicated (SpaceRift)New Setting up

      Hey everyone, I know there aren't many players, but I have a server available that caters to Star Wars. The content is updated and includes ships and stations that will launch fighters. Here are some photos. Content is still being updated. Help is always appreciated. All stations are new...
    3. Edymnion

      TOS Enterprise 1:1 Replica Shell 2016-11-09

      The original TOS era NCC-1701 Enterprise. "No bloody A, B, C, OR D!" -Scotty She's a completely empty shell with the core situated in the center of the saucer, in a position where it can be easily made into the Captain's Chair on the bridge. Again, this is an empty shell so that you may fill...