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      New Power DEV Thread

      There seem to be a lot of valid ideas and suggestions being offered, but being ignored because anger and frustration are stopping people from listening to each other. This is a dev build. We have time to influence and play with different designs and directions. Fighting each other obscures the...
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      Engine Porn

      Been a while since I made something.
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      Machinima idea. Wanna help?

      My advice is don't. Just don't. At least not right now. There is a reason there is not a second episode to space cops yet. Starmade is currently NOT a stable platform for machinima. Skin changes don't work on servers 75% of the time, turrets drop off of ships when crossing sector boundaries...
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      Space Cops (in space!)

      Another weirdo video from your friendly neighborhood Xacktar! Probably going to make a lot more of these if the game will let me. Skins and props just don't like to cooperate with filming... Enjoy!
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      Power System Overhaul Proposal

      Alright. I think I see where you are coming from now. Still doesn't mean people won't make the shells pretty, but I understand what you're saying at least.
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      Power System Overhaul Proposal

      Wouldn't the focus on minimizing ship size and highlighting of the systems make it easier to take down? A vessel that included even a simple shell around everything would have an extra layer of defense and add some uncertainty as to where the vulnerable systems were located?
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      Power System Overhaul Proposal

      I'm trying to follow your logic but really having trouble doing so. I'm fairly certain other people will armor their reactors and be able to shoot back.
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      Power System Overhaul Proposal

      Or prettier ones, depending on what you do with the space inbetween.
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      Starmade memes

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      Power System Overhaul Proposal

      I really think this line is important enough to be put in bold text. Since I can't do that, I'm quoting it instead. As for feedback, I think a major concern will be if older designs can be upgraded to the new system without too much pain/effort. Perhaps an enhancement to the advanced build...
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      Power System Overhaul Proposal

      I hate that all my ships are gonna be obsolete... but the new system does sound much better and I'm looking forward to building in it.
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      Interior porn

      Anyone want a power core?
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      Starmade memes

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      Request for Space Cop skin

      Well, it turns out my client won't make a skin for some reason, I had someone else combine the items and it worked on their game but not mine. Which lead me to try a few new things and now I may have figured out why my own attempts never worked. Now, I'm trying to use the SMSG import function...