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      Any way to play build from July 2013?

      I built some awesome ships back then and I have the .smb files but its not compatible with the 2014 version available on the launcher :(
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      Starmade Hosts

      unmanaged hosting will always have better uptime if you know what you\'re doing.
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      1,000,000 Million Starter!

      I don\'t think the credit cap goes up that high...
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      I refuse to be part of the system!
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      StarMade is greenlit

      that has already been answered?
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      Got lucky

      That\'s the incorrect usage of the meme. Here\'s the correct one.
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      StarMade is greenlit

      Will get a key for steam when it\'s released there.
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      Got lucky

      You shall receive no keys!
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      I am an alchemist, I turn soil into L5

      87 soil! who has time for that?
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      Offline Ship Editor

      Not sure how the files actually work.
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      Offline Ship Editor

      it could just move every single block around the core, effectively the same result as moving the core.
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      SMProHosting - The Official StarMade Host!

      smprohosting are the same guys as mcprohosting, and they\'re a legit company.
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      StarMade 0.0938: Meta Items & new factories

      Awesome update, glad it\'s finally done.
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      Star Made Multiplayer Faction Combat tactics

      and if I wanted tactics I\'d just play Eve Online. (Oh wait, I already am.)