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      So there are still people playing Starmade...

      Oh, another nostalgia thread :cry:
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      The Quickfire Initiative: Rebalancing StarMade.

      well, that was one of the good changes. i tend to use sth like 4 beam outputs atm mostly. before the acid damage came i used big beam waffles for turrets and/or pilot controlled beams and used 1 computer per output to not suffer power penalties. But i haven't tested damage application with 1...
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      Shields in 0.201 Release

      Hmm, you are right, obviously this was intentional... that somehow makes it even worse, since it is a bad design decision in my opinion. Yes, i know of QF and i'm really looking forward to it. The changes sound good so far and if they don't work atm, at least the intention behind the changes is...
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      Shields in 0.201 Release

      Well, i know the universe update is gonna happen and that some players might come back and play more actively then. But some, or rather many i think, might never return again. Starmade never was easy to get into and it always had bugs, was laggy sometimes and it needed experienced server owners...
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      Shields in 0.201 Release

      So, i think I'm not telling sth new by reporting the bugs concerning shields in this release. The issues are: - Damage glitching through shields (mostly AI ships penetrate the shield for whatever reason) - Shield Regen doesnt stop under fire making for ridiculously tanky shields especially on...
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      Cake Build Server - The Most Delicious Build Server [Whitelist]

      Hey guys! :) IGN - PriZm Why you want to join the server- I'd like to get whitelisted on CBS server to check out the new weapon update. I know, i could also test it in single player, but i get bored quite fast when playing Starmade all alone and i'd prefer to talk/discuss about the new...
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      Schine Q&A Answers - 15th of March

      connecting a rail speed controller to it. then connect a deactivated activation module to the rail speed controller. it sets the rail speed to zero, avoiding collision calculations.
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      personally this ship would propably be like 5-10 times too big for me to even consider flying it. Would be a nice decorative accessoire for a station though, even if it would lag most client's PCs trying to take a look at it :p
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      Starmade memes

      yeah, those were the inspiration for the hull, though its not a 1:1 replica :) i thought it would fit this "plasma lance" weapon xD
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      Starmade memes

      We can do that already ^^
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      Shields and Power, What the heck?

      kulbolen answered most of the questions already :) though you might still take damage through intact shields even with good integrity. Its a bug and it happens quite often.
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      Compendium of Current Issues & Bugs

      its really bad unfortunatly. i didnt even figure how when exactly it happens. On Brierie there are 3 pirate ships currenty. My turrets miss 2 of them completely (shooting 90° angle into the void) while the 3rd one is no problem for them to hit. all 3 ships are power 2.0. The ship they actually...
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      How to effectively protect yourself with shields (Power 2.0)

      Concerning Integrity: I figured out that especially medium sized ships suffer from it. While very small vessels profit from the (rather) high integrity value you start with and big ships have enough space to add a big block to get a nice integrity buffer, especially medium sized ships are having...
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      How to effectively protect yourself with shields (Power 2.0)

      that's actually a good idea. Totally possible that there is a desync happening between the shield bubble and the ship's blocks. So the server "thinks" for a moment that those blocks that take damage aren't inside the bubble.