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      StarMade Launcher open sourced

      For anyone interested. I've forked the launcher and updated it to support NodeJS v10 LTS and updated to Electron v1.0.0. This is to help build electron in modern development environments. Support NodeJS LTS v10.15.3 and Electron v1.0.0 by NZSmartie · Pull Request #2 · Schine/StarMade-Launcher...
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      New Launcher Release (Steam)

      And it's now open sourced! Schine/StarMade-Launcher Licenced under MIT as well.
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      [WIP] Distort Mod Toolchain

      Hey citizens, I've spent the better part of the last two weeks porting across FabricMC's mod toolchain over to StarMade. It's not ready for everyone to use yet, but it's sourcecode is available to download and experiment with until I sort out the last remaining tasks. TL;DR: There's a mod...
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      New Launcher Release (Steam)

      Is the source code still intended to be released or have priorities changed since the post was written 3 years ago?
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      Recognized by Council Add XOR gates

      Sorry for bumping an old post, but I would like to know if this could be "seen" by either the council or by Schine. A block that would help reduce the size of logic designs in game