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      Masurmend / Vermessung - Blocks

      The old gameplay suggestion for increased display block options, such as whole-block-size display lettering might perform this function in a pinch. I thought it might be fiddly to place a display block and enter the needed data for a large number, but it's only slightly more fiddly than changing...
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      Galaxy restructuring

      With so much empty space, it might be time for Starmade to take a page from Elite-a-likes and put in a max-speed-multiplier, depending on proximity to objects. E.g. Supercruise, Time-dilation, Microjumps, etc. Max speed in Starmade is largely a function of avoiding problems interacting with...
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      Inner Corners

      We also typically want what are referred to as "half-corners" as well.
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      The Quickfire Initiative: Rebalancing StarMade.

      Perhaps with "weighted" thrust vectoring, via the thrust distribution screen? The game could efficiently calculate thrust "weights" for each setting. 100% efficiency: Forward thrust (should be separate from "reverse thrust") 99% efficiency: yaw/pitch/roll thrust (turning/spinning/rotating) 85%...
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      Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II Fondor Dock Update

      You may be using regular symmetry for building, which places the mirror split plane directly on the middle of a block. It may be worth your while to use even-symmetry, which places the mirror split plane on the edge of a block. That way, the two non-cardinal sections can meet at a singular point...
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      CS: Quickfire Initiative: Rebalancing StarMade

      I could be mistaken, but I think you and MrGrey1 are discussing two different ways to classify ships. 1. Fighter/Cruiser/Battleship, etc.: effectively, a part of the ship's name 2. Power/Capability level that a server can use for player-matching, regardless of the ship's name
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      Pixel: under construction

      This is beautiful and sci-fi-sexy. I'll be in my bunk....
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      Entity merging dock

      If the process reused the shipyard blueprint-building algorithm, or something similar, it might spread the load over a period of time, avoiding lag spikes. I'd certainly be willing to wait a little bit of time for such a "merge".
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      Trader Ship Issues

      Dock your creation to a station as early as possible. Then, a trader might bump into you, but won't bump you away. You can build your own station with its own docking port if you like, but the spawn sector station has four docking ports near the open trade center in the middle. (Below it, I think.)
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      Change hideous dark theme to light theme in forums?

      You might consider the greasemonkey addon to modify the website attributes for your browser.
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      Awesome! But you might need MORE ENGINE! What was that? I couldn't hear you over the roar of your engines! :LOL:
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      There have been a great many suggestions to help with these issues, that have largely been ignored. What's the suggestion? Just a general stab at better immersion? Better lighting? Those jetpacks we were promised? The sound system we were promised? Do you have any specific suggestion for better...
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      Star Trek Discovery Enterprise - Scaled Build WIP

      This is why I gave up on my TMP refit attempt. Insufficient block shapes for true 3D swept wings.
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      Brainstorming Basic Creatures and Flora for the Future.

      "Conventional" animals would be tamable or at least controllable with advanced tech, so they should be left out of the game, except with mods. Something that "makes sense" in nature will not be a fun, meaningful addition to Starmade. It really needs to be "way out there" to make an impact...
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      Pardon me. It sounds like the general conversation is on developing gravity for specific planes (planet plates and ships and such). My suggestion for radial gravity was focused on single-voxel-instance planets, where the entire planet is made as a large, single voxel instance as shown in post 3...