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      Resources ReSourced - 0.8.6c release - Factory Fix

      Workaround for a StarLoader issue that was causing factories to not be linkable to enhancers Removed some confusing old code that wasn't doing anything Slight logging improvements
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      Ithel-Oras-class Light Courier Ship - 1.1

      Fixed some tail hull geometry problems.
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      Community Build Initiative: Cargo Ship

      Here's my submission, the Ithel-Oras-class. I feel a bit outmatched already, but the more ships the merrier I suppose!
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      Ithel-Oras-class Light Courier Ship 1.1 / Tail Fix

      The Ithel-Oras-class Courier, whose name means "Cloud-walker" in common Aethi, is the first indigenous Aethi starship cleared for export by the Aethi Star Navy in nearly 200 years. Built by Serei Sa'alin Shipyard in collaboration with Vaisaara Heavy Industries, the Ithel-Oras is a versatile...
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      Resources ReSourced - Hotfix v0.8.6a - Factories

      Fixed all refineries and possibly factories being nonfunctional. Sorry about that!
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      The Aethi Imperium: Aethi Saia Lem Vai'sa!

      In many ways the 'little sister' of the Selayanthe utility ship, the Ithel-Oras (Cloudwalker)-class light logistics craft is the Imperium's official entry into the 65m cargo vessel contest. It may later be refitted as a repair vessel or support ship.
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      Resources ReSourced - v0.8.6 Update - "The Last Major Bug" (a.k.a. tempting fate, really hard.)

      This update will reset your unloaded extractors due to a bugfix-related format change. Revisit them to reinitialize them. Hopefully fixed an issue where extractors won't consistently take mining bonus chambers into account. Extractors' bonuses are now fully virtualized and automatically update...
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      Resources ReSourced - v0.8.5 release - BP fix

      Fixed a bug that can cause the vanilla -> RRS BP item conversion process to fail. Really the whole system ought to be updated so that RRS blueprint items automatically 'pretend' to be vanilla when interacting with vanilla systems to avoid these issues, but this will hopefully do for now...
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      RRS does not modify the frequency of planet spawns. This might be a corruption glitch rather...

      RRS does not modify the frequency of planet spawns. This might be a corruption glitch rather than a design problem or mod bug. I once got a crazy glitch where nearly all newly-visited systems were empty of planets, and the only thing that fixed it was a full reinstall of the game.
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      Resources ReSourced - 0.8.4 release - potential issue fixes

      Fixed a few situations that may cause resource loss from extractors on loading (and make debug logging look horrible)
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      AwfulAstronomicalApellations - v1.35 - minor fix

      Fixed a potential source of name inconsistency on servers
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      Resources ReSourced - 0.8.3 update - desynch fix(?)

      Fixed RRS's new generation algorithm being inconsistent between machines due to bad assumptions about how Java works. This unfortunately means that some users will experience another zone reshuffling - this's the ACTUAL last one, though, unless another similarly critical bug is found. I...
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      Resources ReSourced - v0.8.2 - separate configs

      RRS will now export differently-named configs for each world or server you join. This probably doesn't fix any issues, but it makes it easier to diagnose problems.
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      Resources ReSourced - Hotfix 0.8.1a

      Fixed a packaging issue that caused the mod to not run without certain other mods installed. This is what I get for running highly unsanitary testing environments!
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      Resources ReSourced - v0.8.1 - emergency tweaks

      Some quick tweaks before servers and people start using this... Fixed major resource zones being too large Fixed zones not respecting internal size modifiers adjusted some config defaults (recommend deleting moddata and letting the configs regenerate)