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      StarChat - 1.0.1 mod icon

      added mod icon
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      StarChat - 1.0.0 initial

      a valid message
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      StarChat 1.0.1

      lightweight, super easy to setup chatbot. Intended use: mirror the ingame public chat to a discord channel. Works only game->discord, not discord->game How to use: - download, run your server once with the mod. - go to serverinstallfolder/moddata/starchat - open properties.yml - put your own...
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      WarpSpace - 0.20.3 closer warpspace

      Backend change: warpspace offset is now 8 galaxies instead of 64, to avoid fuckery with big numbers Log all warpspace jump events to debug the rare "got teleported super far away" bug suggested by DerpGamer
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      WarpSpace - 0.20.2 killswitch for speed-drop

      new debugging option: disable all speeddrop related code as a config option. default: active
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      WarpSpace - 0.20.1 astronaut drop is an optional feature

      astronaut drop is still suspected to be buggy => was added a killswitch-config-option. Set to 1 to disable the feature.
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      WarpSpace - 0.20.0 gradle migration, deep test migrate to gradle project re-enable astronaut dropping in depth tests with dedicated + 2 clients on similar mod setup as Skies Of Eden - long term tests over 1 hour - warping, dropping, speeddrop, astronaut drop, attached drop - move near...
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      WarpSpace - 0.19.0 back to the roots

      revert to 0.17.3 with a new name, because 0.18.x has deep issues that can not easily be fixed
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      WarpSpace - 0.18.5

      messed up versioning on 0.18.4 -> need another update.
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      WarpSpace - 0.18.4 disable astronautdrop to avoid SM bug nullpointer happening to players MIGHT be loosely caused by astronauts being able to warp/drop/jump
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      WarpSpace - 0.18.3 config documentation

      config file is now doccumented in a WarpSpaceConfig_DOCUMENTATION.yml in the same directory Added darkenWizMan as a contributor
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      WarpSpace - 0.18.2 droppoint hotfix

      fixes that droppoints are not drawn properly
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      WarpSpace - 0.18.1 more config, autodrop for astronauts and stations Added config values for: - no beacons on homebase - minimum speed required in warp to not speeddrop - warp-to-rsp ratio Added debug command: "warpspace warp -s": force the selected entity to warp "warpspace warp": force yourself to warp...
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      WarpSpace - 0.18.0 enhanced config

      added lots of config values for more control of warp: # serverside settings: - how much percent of the reactor the warpbeacon takes up - warp flightspeed chambers for level 0 - 3 - droppoint random offset range - seconds until slow ship drops from warp #clientside settings: - use warpshader -...
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      WarpSpace - 0.17.4 code-cleanup