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    • The commpressed textures option is greyed over and if i don't change it, i cant play. its locked in the on mode and I need help changing it. Please Help!
      I am setting up a New NASS as we speak so I am busy working on that, web page, and then of course scripting for Shadow :D
      Hey doom, i haven't played in a looooooong time, but im thinking of joining NASS again soon, do the GRs still have any openings?
      for some reson iv read the terms and apllied most of the rules and for some reson it just wouldn't let me download the game its not my computer I clicked it and it just makes me go back to the top of the page
      (sorry if im supposed to do this some other way),i was recently banned from nasszone by planr,after a 12 year old accused me of every single crash since friday,no witnesses were asked any questions before i was banned,and planr himself said his reason for banning me was "my "........" after antazaks (false) accusations
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