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      Starmade Synthesis Thread

      This thread is a solution in search of a problem. Hobby mechanics use an adjustable wrench. Professional mechanics use a set of wrenches. Professional/Hobby isn't a judgement of effectiveness of repairs, but of the human social structure supporting the individual. Professional mechanics have...
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      Cake Build Server - The Most Delicious Build Server [Whitelist]

      InGameName- BusterCrabb Why you want to join the server- Ennui. Example of your work- Docking Planet Harvest Tracks Race Gate Fortress of Hera Your favourite type of cake- Baked Alaska
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      Trade and Economy idea

      "The station will build up a force." One could say it would have a population that grows. And a tech level based on the age of the population. Consider giving everything a population and a tech level. Those being used to set availability and pricing in transactions. Your Inhabited designation is...
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      Screenshots for official use

      DukeofRealms marketing/art director here irl. One of the first messages I ever posted to this group was its use of other's IP (Paramount, Games Workshop, EA builds, etc) in self-promotion and marketing. Avoid other people's IP and indemnify yourself by hiring actual artists and stating in...
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      We can do better for Pike now, let him take the stairs! Likewise Stairs are safer to walk on during a flood, important to know for the upcoming DYNAMIC LIQUIDS update...
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      Stairs would be a step up. Change my mind.
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      StarMade - PvP & PvE balance, Perspective & Direction

      Consider decorative vector beam connectors (i.e. Power Sausage IN/ Power Sausage OUT, Each color IN/OUT). Useful for Role Play, targeting shipyard cores, "painting" lines for signage, etc. Keep the baby and throw out the bathwater?
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      Emergent Fleet Design

      simple entities (point defense turrets AI TARGETING priorities) vs. simple entities (missiles strength/speed/SHIELD) makes this a duel-dual emergent behavior as pointed out by jw608 this will be an observable emergent system with a changing environment (promised galaxy update, and whatever...
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      James P. Carse

      James P. Carse
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      Devblog 11th July 2017 - End Goal Document Part 1

      Citizens, in this usage, is a proper noun and should be capitalized. Actually all marketing revolves around FAB statements. Feature / Advantage/ Benefit. (i.e. Starmade has keyboard shortcuts/ They allow you to maintain focus on your plan rather than being distracted by menu navigation/ This...
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      Gothic 40k Roleplay Survival Server

      Seriously, if you like 40K, check it out.
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      Alpha Legion Shipyard

      The Oberon is massive, here's a .gif of it next to a Dauntless sized 350 length craft:
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      GenXNova (#1 Server - get 500k credits every hour in game)

      You've never played in an arena like this...I had a sneak peak and made this .gif.
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      FREELANCER [PVP][Hardcore][NoBlueprint] Freelancer Theme!

      I\'m not familiar with the other game, but it does provide a good ladder for role play in a fun way.
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      Space: 1999 Eagle

      You can download this here.