Vandoren Modular Prototype Shuttle MKI 2018-11-22

    Modular shuttle, testing out a new way to scatter enemy turret targeting

    1. EchoSpark
      Game version:
      Weapons update
      This modular ship was split into three components, the main core with the energy reactor, the outer shell, and the thruster config. Make sure to tune in if you like this model because I will be creating actual service versions in the future and will be doing an analysis on how well the damage is scattered and an explanation of how it works, ENJOY

      stats- 225 MPS

      Ftl distance 3.
      starmade-screenshot-0014.png starmade-screenshot-0015.png
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    Recent Reviews

    1. EricBlank
      Version: 2018-11-22
      This is a great proof of concept of a modular ship. You could easily use the "outer shell" module as the basis for interchangeable cargo/passenger pods including variants offering turrets. The only thing you need to worry about is making sure that the core module is sufficient to power every variant you need.
      1. EchoSpark
        Author's Response
        Thanks for the reply! I’m am nearly finished with another modular ship and I will be uploading it. I had not considered what you said and I’ll build the new one with this in mind!