V-19 Torrent

    V-19 Torrent 2020-05-11

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    Been like 2 years since I made a ship here, but:

    Introducing the V-19 torrent from star wars the clone wars.

    The V-19 was a light starfighter used by the galactic republic in the first half of the Clone War. It was later replaced by the much more formidable ARC-170 starfighter, and the V-Wing. Torrents were very fast and maneuverable, but struggled due to their lack of strong deflector shields.

    This build is equipped with balanced 2.1 power reactors, a docker for landing, rapid fire assault cannons, and very powerful thrusters. I wanted to stay as true to star wars as possible, so it does not have any other weapon systems, and fairly weak shields. It is a very fast, maneuverable star-fighter with decent assault capabilities.

    Wings are designed with logic to move into either landing/attack position with the click of one button (labelled in the ship controls as "wing control."). I'm quite proud of how it turned out.

    This is a great craft for adventuring or building a republic-themed fleet. It could be quite easily mass produced.

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