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    Terran_Starter_ship 2019-02-05

    A ship for the masses

    1. spunk1o1
      Game version:
      Hello citizens,

      Have you faced another server reset and are looking for a decent basic ship (you can make with few minutes of mining)? or you have many new peasants in your faction you would like to help by giving them ships they can fly around colliding with your base?
      Look no further!

      I present to you, one of the Terran technologies newest intro ship, which can fly around, salvage those ugly chunks of rocks and shoot some stale raw potatoes *pew pew* with an auto charge for those steeplechase thingy we all like and a full mining bonus so you and your peasants get more moolas for the time spend on those ugly chunks of rocks.

      It has a decent threshold towards space bugs providing you with 8700 capacity of repellent and power which you can never run out of.


      1. starmade-screenshot-0025.png
      2. starmade-screenshot-0026.png
      3. starmade-screenshot-0027.png
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