Teal scout 1.0 2018-03-13

    small, explosive and slightly uncontrollable

    1. nuttybuban7
      Game version:
      Screenshot_2.png Screenshot_2.png Screenshot_2.png This ship is small, marginally good looking, and has very basic controls and weapons. It uses the old power system, but I will update it sooner or later to the new power system. It has very powerful explosive shots that deal around 50-400 damage at a time. This is my first upload to starmade dock, so I would really appreciate some constructive feedback.


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    Recent Reviews

    1. MChain
      Version: 2018-03-13
      So, you want to improve... The right choice you've made!
      Currently only average 3 stars, but...

      1) Cannons on this ship are useless, too weak. If you'll get caught by anyone willing to fight, you'll most certainly be vaporized. You should focus on speed instead. Make her go as fast as it's possible at all (Reactor Mobility chamber will help you)
      2) Docking collars without USDs? Strange...
      3) The thrusters. They look terrible... Know what? Try replacing crystals with ice and add some charged circuits in the middle (ONLY!!!). That will give your thrusters some lovely glow.
      4) Plain hull is plain hull, no matter the size/colour it is. Detailing is necessary even on such a tiny craft. Try grating/slabbing/piping/adding ribs etc her, that should improve the looks