Space Ship Port 2018-03-13

    A place to park multiple ships at once.

    1. majorfifth
      Game version:
      After looking threw all the stations that have been built or that comes with StarMade. I saw that none was really able to port multiple ships at once. So I decided to build this. An 8 port/ gate station with these rooms.
      4x 3Bdr, 1Bath
      4x 1Bdr
      2x 2Bdr, 1Bath
      2x 4Bdr, 2Baths,Study,Bar
      6x 2Bdr, 2Baths
      2x 4Bdr, 3Baths
      2x 1Bdr, Study
      a theater
      TV studio
      I would like to thank all of the contributors for the templates that helped me build this station faster. The chairs and tables, desks, sofas, kitchens, etc. Space Ship Port.JPG Desktop Screenshot 2018.03.13 - Desktop Screenshot 2018.03.13 - Desktop Screenshot 2018.03.13 - Desktop Screenshot 2018.03.13 - Feel free to change it up if you feel fit. I worked on the KISS (keep is simple stupid) method
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    Recent Reviews

    1. MChain
      Version: 2018-03-13
      Ok, let's judge from KISS approach ;-)

      Actually, the idea of such hub is quite nice and you have multiple areas inside to complement the desired role. But the outside is really pretty... I'd say, unfinished. It looks like a middle of the station cut away from everything else. How it should look when completed is up to you, but please, do something to make her look as a whole, not as a part of something grand.
    2. Captain Skwidz
      Captain Skwidz
      Version: 2018-03-13
      I like the docking tubes/ports and the interior is alright but the body could use a bit of reshaping so it's not just a big box with an interior and things sticking out of it. Maybe try making it two half-size stacked boxes connected with a tube (lots of examples in Avorion). Pro tip: press f5 or f6 for screenshots in game.