"Soul" drone

    "Soul" drone 2019-11-19

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    Important: The drone's systems were made to operate on the latest QF configs as of 12-11-2019. It will NOT work with the game's release configs. The latest dev build as of this message is not updated to the latest quick-fire configs, so please get the appropriate config files here: alterintel/Quickfire . Thank you.

    A very powerful swarm drone. Relies on heavy cannon fire to batter down and obliterate enemies. Deadly to enemy ships, big and small alike. Has a "manual override" mode (fancy way of saying that you can get in the core from the door at the very top).

    - X: 15
    - Y: 9
    - Z: 11
    - Mass: 191.1

    - Reactor regen: 9000 e/sec
    - Stabilization: 100%
    - Total power consumption: 98.3% (with everything drawing power)

    - TWR: 3
    - Max Speed: 297.5m/s (max)

    - Recharge: 50/s
    - Capacity: 7500

    - Single output cannon/beam (1:1 ratio)
    - 6400 damage per shot
    - 10s reload
    - 640 dps

    - At least 1 block thick standard armor everywhere (except the engines)
    - 1 block thick advanced armor around/behind the "eye" (red force-field)

    Best use in swarms, like this:

    (that ship died)

    Note: The guns will be ineffective against 4 advanced armor layers or thicker. Everything below that can be damaged fine. Please use this drone accordingly.
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    Latest updates

    1. Update C12

      - Fixed some systems (like the cannon, since I accidentally increased the output size, giving it...
    2. Update C11

      The drone received an updated hull and systems in line with the QF configs as of the time of...
    3. Update B1

      Damage, shielding, armor, power, looks. EVERYTHING'S BETTER!!!

    Latest reviews

    Beyond words! Keep at it!
    I use this little guy to test all my fighter designs. Nice overall update.
    Thanks! Glad to see that people are using it :D
    This little ship completely revolutionized starmade's ship tactics.
    Drones like this make me eager for a persistent multiplayer economy where people's capitol ships will have to deal with these!

    I hope we get even more advanced AI someday (possibly a second tier beyond the Bobby AI?) with formation flying, waypoint navigation & perhaps some planetary beasties (non-pirate mobs).
    Easy to supply the parts. Makes a cheap decoy to flee pirates.
    Indeed, and if those pirates are isanths it'll probably kill one or two before going down ^_^
    The little sucker that started drone R&D experiments resulting in a 35-page thread (as of now). How come noone rated this yet?
    Good point XD. I should refresh the page a little.