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    SmEdit Binvox 08-31-2017

    Edit, manipulate, change your ship.

    1. Promethesus
      Hello everyone.
      Many of you may know programs named SMEDIT and BINVOX, well thanks to some assistance from some community members/schine members. I have been able to put together 2.zip folders of working SMEDIT and BINVOX.

      If you want to get a model in-game, i suggest using Sketchup.
      You have to options after you have the model, you can cut it in half, which offers best quality, but has even symmetry, or leave it as it is for lower quality, but is odd-symmetry. (I prefer cutting in half) if you do not have pro version, export it in any available options you have, then use this link(add free, easy to use) Online 3D Converter
      convert to .obj, download.
      Once you have the .obj file, drag and drop into your Binvox folder, open up the "How to" note pad, and change the name of the binvox command to the name of the ship.obj, follow the typed instructions, and voxelize the ship.
      -ri =removing interior, -d= dimensions of ship caculated by length scaled.

      once you are done, open smedit, and import the .binvox and work from there.


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    1. pilot2007
      Version: 08-31-2017
      So... what should I do if I am unable to open SMedit? It will start the launcher and I am able to change the amount of allocated memory but when I hit start nothing happens...