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    Latest Reviews

    1. NaStral
      Version: A1R4
      I think you do absolutely beautiful work but I keep on running into serious problems with people using your ships on the server I admin on. The way the turrets are designed they cause a lot of unnecessary bounding box collisions when they move. It's even worse when the ship starts getting shot up and things become unlocked. I've seen players doing simple things like fight pirates and unwittingly cause excessive lag. I'd love to see versions of your most popular ships that utilize server friendly turrets and docked entities that don't generate these collisions and break away without risk of getting caught in the ship. Had there not been so many issues with Ships such as this one and the Manticore in the past I would certainly have given it a fifth star.
    2. Markus_McCloud
      Version: 2017-05-13
      Like Lego Batman, I only work in black (and sometimes very very dark grey). It'd be an understatement to say this is a GODSEND!
    3. Benevolent27
      Version: 1.1
      Great work! It was a lot of fun! Surprised me!
    4. darknassius
      Version: 2017-05-20
      very nice ship
    5. Azereiah
      Version: .1
      Delicious armored cheddar. My only issue with it is that the engine section looks a little bit on the small side.

      Looks like it could work well as a missile boat.
    6. Zyrr
      Version: .1
      Good start to a hull. Waiting for detailing and systems.
    7. TGKnight
      For CR-29D in Skins
      Version: 1.0
      Awesome looking!
    8. Colink03
      Version: 2016-05-22
      LOVE IT. Are you still working on it?
    9. ApathyFox
      For Spock in Skins
      Version: 2016-07-17
      Very good skin to fulfill my star trek needs
      1. darknassius
    10. The Judge
      The Judge
      Version: R1BP1
      Join Aethi
    11. Ithirahad
      Version: R1BP1
      Almost literally an Aethi vessel. We approve.

      The subtle patterning with brown hull in the standard armour looks great, by the way. I never thought to do that with Aethi ships, but it might be used from time to time now, where the standard, more heavy-handed black or ice-crystal patterns won't work.

      P.S.: Come to the Imperium side! We have cookies! :P
      1. Daeridanii
        Author's Response
        Aethi vessels are almost literally like this one!

        In all honesty, I didn't plan the build off the Aethi style, although I have seen Aethi vessels before.

        I find that patterning with hull on armor creates a really nice effect, in just about any color.
        (Although it does leave weak spots, this can be countered somewhat by a second layer of standard armor underneath the hull).

        Thanks for your review!
    12. LordGraftin
      Version: 2017-05-16
      This is a nice little ship, good color palette, neat details and a decent combat ship.
    13. WIlliam Hitt
      WIlliam Hitt
      Version: 2016-03-23
      pretty nice Redo of an already good hull
    14. Nocturna
      Version: 2017-02-16
      Great work!
    15. LordSidonus
      Version: 0.199.535
      Excellent vessel design, in numbers it makes for a splendid setup.
    16. Lockerd
      Version: mark 4, v0.199.535a
      I like it a lot, does a good job of monitor cruiser.

      Also to your comment below, there are dimensions for the ship, official dimensions from the old games which carried into ED. 152.4L - 61.8W - 32.0H
      1. Antezscar
        Author's Response
        thank you for the review!

        i originaly created this ship before the real dimentions where known. that's why it is bigger. otherwise i whould have made it it's Elite ingame size.
    17. Chewy27_
      Version: 1.1
      This ship looks amazing. Well done :)
    18. Star-Boy
      Version: 2017-05-17
      Another nice looking ship that I may have to modify and add to my fleet. I think it needs a little more detail work on the top of the hull in front and underneath the wings at the back. I'd also repaint the front of the ship so it's 5-7 rows of red on the bottom and white the rest of the way up instead of having the big red tip. This would make the ship look a lot less like what we all know it looks like.
      1. Serene-Switch
        Author's Response
        Thanks, the plan is to do the detail work after all the the shells are done, sorry about that. As for the color, I have to agree with you XD
    19. kulbolen
      Version: 2017-04-27
      have plenty of critique, but 5 stars obligated for being strongest smd pvp ship. looks cool too.

      interior is viable on pvp ships. costs maybe 1-2% block efficiency done right. doesnt affect rating since it wasnt your intent.

      dps and defense are both low for its mass when compared to high tier pvp ships. its hard to perform catch and kill on a similar mass, well built ship without exposing itself to the opposing ships weapons, which can very quickly become lethal or crippling... particularly if enemy ship has high chainable alpha to overcome regen tanking.

      still, this assessment would be withheld if the ship werent as strong as it is, cause it wouldnt be worth typing. =D
    20. Matt_Bradock
      Version: 2017-05-15
      So many dirty-minded people. It is a nice schl... I mean ship :)