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    Latest Reviews

    1. AWildSylveon
      Version: 4.0
      The station overall is nice, needs a redo for the logic tho as it would seem parts of the quest logic are... well... fried to put it simply. Otherwise, awesome station.
    2. Watcher
      Version: 2019-05-21
      5 Star all day!!!
    3. The Boiling Tea-pot
      The Boiling Tea-pot
      Version: 1.1
      Its good works well and all around versetile.
      It even survived the "drive trough the sun" test.
    4. SlavSquatSuperstar
      Version: 1.0
      Incredible! I'm so amazed by your detailing with shapes and colors! It's very fun to ride around in, not to mention the surge of patriotism I feel.

      I've always had trouble putting enough detail into my builds while keeping them functional, but this really looks like it could work.
      1. klawxx
        Author's Response
        Thanks =)
        Enjoy the ride!
    5. Anubis Evo
      Anubis Evo
      Version: 2019-07-10
      Nicely done! Thanks for the reference as well, much appreciated!
      1. IcedCoffee24
        Author's Response
        No problem! loved your systems alliance frigate btw <3
    6. MChain
      Version: 2019-07-11
      Just was gonna ask if this is their first ship - ther saw the description. Excellently done Klawxx! Seems you've outdone the original modellers xD xD xD
      1. klawxx
        Author's Response
        Hey. Thanks for the stars =)
        Yea, it's the first one. The second is called "Raven's Claw", but I like the Crow a lot more. I will probably do another crow, overscaled, to fit a cargo area and a more elaborated interior, plus logic.
    7. MChain
      Version: 2.0
      Whoah! A full load of well-built Starfuries! Definitely worth downloading
    8. MChain
      Version: 2019-07-08
      5 stars for a slow-flying unmaneurable brick (OK, wedge)? Really, you should try harder. You know, this kind of ships is usually kept for yourself, not shared with the community.

      Next time try making a complex, well-detailed and plentifully decorated shape - we have tons of blocks for that. Think of its performance, make some tests (both AI-driven and piloted). Check some builds here - there are lots of good builds to explore. Learn from masters like SkylordLuke, CrimsonArtist or Klawxx. You can become a good builder - just need the experience.
    9. entarlas
      Version: 2015-11-13
      Not bad :) would like to see more detail but i realy like what you did with the sholder patches. Thanks for shairing.
    10. klawxx
      Version: 2019-06-22
      Hello there!

      I never watched the show, so this needs to be taken into consideration. Anyways, there seems to be a lot of effort put on the ship by the builder and I like that.

      The ship have an interesting shape and the exterior is very good, although theres some funky use of the blast door blocks in some areas that cause some minor visual glitches.

      The interior is a bit cramped, but probably due to the show itself. Some of the exterior blast door issues are accessible inside.

      I found navigating around the interior a bit confusing especially on those access shafts rooms. It seems there's a lot of gravity blocks and some seems to face in random direction these can be very confusing.

      I had some trouble figuring out the decks even with the buttons labeled on the elevators. Some buttons are kinda hidden behind the elevator ceiling.

      There where some display terminals with no data. Maybe some could re rerouted to better explain the sections of the ship to the junior office who has just been transferred =)

      Overall is an very interesting ship I'd recommend to everyone to try. The exterior is excellent quality but the interior is a bit cramped and confusing. I wont deal with the systems since the game is extremely unbalanced at this point. 8 of 10.
    11. Salt09
      Version: V1.0
      I love the look of this ship! Unfortunately, it's out of date for the latest weapons/power update, but it isn't too much of a problem to refit it. I can send you the modified blueprint, if you want me to.
      1. Captain Fortius
        Author's Response
        Thanks, I've been experimenting with some refits myself. Guess I'd better update my ships once I have some time.
    12. AlVonWolf
      Version: 2019-06-22
      its not a Dreadnaught Class, not even close to it. but it looks nice-esh
      1. Jeryia
        Author's Response
        Thanks for the review, though It's dreadnought in the universe it's from, thus it's labeled as such.