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    1. kikaha
      Version: Alpha 12
      Thanks a lot.
      1. Gmodism
        Author's Response
        Thanks for the stars m8!
        Will update this with turrets soonish :)
    2. wizard_fish
    3. d4 gaming
      d4 gaming
      Version: Mk 1.0
      This design grabbed my attention when I was about to find a design to modify, but this is great on its own.
    4. klawxx
      Version: 2016-09-01
      Nice heavy fighter, although I would wedge out the wings a bit. Not sure what would be the impact on the already encumbered engines, but this could probably open more room inside the wing for more systems.
    5. klawxx
      Version: 2019-01-17
      Haha! Awesome!
    6. Tsnonak
      Version: v1.0
      very nice design! only thing I could suggest is moving the chest to a better (mechanical)location + adding a Bobby AI above the core(aesthetics), and the transition from "wing" to "barrel" has some "hard" edges, maybe smooth this out. ;)
      1. StarGuy1701
        Author's Response
        Thanks for the review, @Tsnonak!

        I realize it's better to have the Bobby AI module above the core rather than it's current location [Which is on the ground in front of the Salvage module, beside the Faction Module, which is also on the gound xD] I knew what was kinda a bad idea. Anyways, I'll be sure to make the necessary changes immediately!

        Thanks again for the review :D
    7. klawxx
      Version: 2019-01-16
      It gets the job done and have some personality, but you would probably get an even fancier ship if you copy/paste this hull backwards =). Also, do not forget you start with some credits. why not spent them on adding a bigger reactor that allows the addition of your cannon barrels to the vessel?
      1. spunk1o1
        Author's Response
        I might have to change name to Crab_Starter_ship then. :D oh BTW, I'm using your shuttle as a ground to orbit launch shuttle :P
    8. klawxx
      Version: v0-201-200
      You should atempt a Republic Firetail;-)
      Nice use of the new non-block shapes, BTW.
    9. Celotown777
      Version: : )
      As a Halo fan i have to say that is the best starmade replica of a Longsword that i ever seen, the only error that i see is that the airtakes aren’t at the correct angle
    10. Celotown777
      Version: Mod 1R
      Incredible miner, i will use it in my next game, and i love that you can customize yourself at your wish, that’s a really good idea
    11. Celotown777
      Version: V1.2
      Asome work Jake_Lancia this is one of my favorite ships, only one thing, i think it’s too large for a corvette, could you make your future corvettes a bit smaller?
    12. Klasik
      Version: 2018-12-31
      The ship really good looking,
      But has several issues:

      The blueprint has old parts and its impossible to spawn it on server.

      Need remove:
      Jump Drive Computer 1 unit
      Jump Inhibitor Module 55 units
      Power (Old) 68 units (There is issue with power cant find them because probably name was change in updates...)
      Radar Jammer 1 unit
      Scanner Athena 1 unit
      Scanner Computer 1 unit

      The quantity of weapons I think good but controls of them over weighted. The controls must fit at least to 2 tool belt lines.

      probably ship must have standard O entrance tunnel to connect it to station...

      So we waiting to update... Thx
    13. Sol'Varyk
      Version: 2019-01-07
      This is superb. Very Stylish. Much Need. Wow
      1. Crashmaster
        Author's Response
        *Slaps roof of ship*
        This bad boy can fit so much fucking ferkiteen in it
    14. vancleef
      Version: 2016-10-20
      stunning! I love the excelsior thanku!!
    15. CobaltSteel
      Version: 2016-10-09
      Unfortunately The entire hull is backwards
    16. kikaha
      Version: 2018-12-31
      Powerfull ship. Yet not that fun to play with. Too many weapons to choose from and i've found than appart from using it as AI entity that's all i'll do with it.
      It does look nice and there is some attention to details. I'm not a PvPer so you understand a little bit better my point of view
      1. Starlord Nero
        Author's Response
        Yeah it can definitely be a bit overwhelming for sure with all the weapon selections. There's still a ton of work to be done, more details to add before I put a refined product up. Thank your for your review and maybe i'll put an empty version up once I finish detailing so people can fill with whatever weapons they want :)
    17. joelisquitegay
      Version: v1.2
    18. elfordg
      Version: Capital
      Most Impressive
    19. vancleef
      Version: 2018/2/23
      This is awesome thanku! I fancied building a raptor myself but im a shit builder
    20. JinM
      Version: 2.0
      Saw your ship on a server and came here to download it. Really nice full roleplay interiour, good work.