Resolution - Venator Star Destroyer

    Resolution - Venator Star Destroyer RAILS UPDATE 0.9

    Incredible ship. It's my favorite ship design of all time and seeing your ships makes me want to learn to build good ships. Maybe not like a master builder but anything better than what I can do now.
    But there is one thing that bothers me with this and that's the lack of turrets apparently since the rails update was released... Any chance you'll add them back?
    Now it just needs to be updated for power 2.0
    this is the big one right?
    Nice ship, nice details, nice weapons, nice doors. now where are the turrets :)
    Can you add a docking tube on the sides? and maybe add turrets?
    This ship has been one of my favorite builds even before the rails update.

    Will you be installing docking systems in the hangars? There are republic fighters and shuttle builds that seem like they would fit properly.
    Excellent ship, great detail. I can only imagine how much time it took you to get to this point
    The detail is great, and i just flying upon my enemies with the ship.
    Amazing ship the detail is great. Just wondering where are the 49522 scanner antenna I know some are up on the bridge but where are the rest.
    i love this ship i personally use as my capital ship on the server i play on but i have 2 complaints i feel the hangars are to small and well theirs no turrets so if you have some spare time please fix :)
    Exellent details, and you are the only 1 that made openable main hangar doors !
    thank you very much sir! :)
    Love this ship, i'm currently using it as a main staging platform with my friends. been making small additions for my own personal tastes. I just wish it came with some sourced cannons like in the show/movie.

    really have no problems or quirks with this ship so fly high everyone.
    thank you sir :)
    I have seen both and very well copied. Good Job on the Rail. Lots of work keeping it neat.
    This...This is...I can die a very happy person...after I play around with it in-game of course :)
    WOW! This Ship is incredible HUGE (Actually to huge for my PC so I had to take my brothers one to see what a amazing ship you build :D) and so butifull. The Venator Class is my favorit ship :))
    I am a HUGE Starwars fan :D this has made my day. Luke, you are an amazing builder. 100/10 if I could
    Amazing, and VERY coincendental, cause i always name my flagship Peaceful RESOLUTION and this ship i am gonna make my flagship cause AMAZING VENATOR!!
    I got to ask will you make gunships and fighters to put in this beautiful ship?
    Oh yeah!