Raven Class Scout 2018-11-23

    Perma-Cloaker with basic offensive capability.

    1. BillGHero
      Game version:
      A perma-cloaker with a secondary reactor with long-range mobility. Basic weaponry. The two reactors are situated in the port and starboard enclosures for easy re-fitting.

      Blaocks: 13,789
      Mass: 1.8k

      Dimensions: 63W x 17H x 52L

      Power- 49k e/sec x 2
      Reactor #1: Perma-Stealth + Failsafe
      Reactor #2: Jump Distance 3 + Jump Autocharge + Mining Bonus 2

      Shield Cap: 205k
      Shield Rech: 5225/sec
      Thrust/Mass: 2.5

      Targetting Missiles x2
      Damage Beams x 2

      Screenshot 01.jpg

      Screenshot 02.jpg

      Screenshot 04.jpg

    Recent Reviews

    1. Matt_Bradock
      Version: 2018-11-23
      Interesting vessel. I take it you like the thruster plumes, and that's why you left the engines as they are, I would try to improve them somewhat.
      By the way, you don't need an extra reactor unless you want the redundancy for survivability, you can set up both chamber trees on one reactor, and you can swap between them by reverting/specifying the base chamber you like, you can even leave the rest set up as you desire (at the cost of having to recharge everything after)
      P.s. I'm pretty sure that's one of my builds in the last screenshot's background, so I kinda felt compelled to try yours after seeing it ; )
      1. BillGHero
        Author's Response
        Thank you for the review!

        p.s. I often build with a friend and he likes several of your builds, so good catch. Though it wasn't intentional to have another ship in the picture. Let me know if you would like me to remove it.