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    Raiben_fleet_submission_1 RC1

    Reclaimer Fleet

    1. Raiben
      Reclaimer Fleet

      First fleet for the competition, includes 2 transports and a very fast frigate.


      The reclaimers are a group of outcast types that were once workers for the trade guild. Promised a free home and wage on a new planet they all rushed to new worlds and new lives. After several worlds had been stripped of their resources and the workers left to fend for themselves, they banded together to fight back. After the first few successful raids against the trade guild, they painted their hulls white, as a "come and get me" sign to their previous aggressors.
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    Recent Reviews

    1. PLIX
      Version: RC1
      I remember one of the ships it was the one from the overdrive episode it was supposed to be a police thing
      1. Raiben
        Author's Response
        Actually, None of the ships from the overdrive special were for "police use" they were made to escape police :) Either way, glad you seem to like them!