Puddle Jumper

    Puddle Jumper 1.0

    Everything I wanted it to be
    Great build easy to make fast and all but unlike the TV show it didn't have any weapons that's the only reason I gave this a 3 other then that nice build
    Other than the lore, the best things about a ship like this:

    1) Cheap to make
    2) Fits easily though small warp gates that you can have inside "jumper bays" in your bases that are pretty much immune to enemies using them against you due to their size!

    I have my own 9x9x30 "puddle jumper" with radius 7 gates. This is better, easier, and faster, although of course it doesn't come with all the shields and jump drive etc., but it's great for what it's good for - small, fast shuttle duty and fitting through small warpgates.

    Plus it looks good.

    1) Add a switch that is double-linked to the inner ship remote to extend/retract pods while not in core
    2) Also perhaps a 1-block blast door to get back in after it dumps you out the bottom (yes I know this happens because the ship is so tiny and it's not a huge inconvenience but it wouldn't hurt)
    3) Make a dockable "puddle jumper bay" that you can just throw down on a starbase and have 10 of these available that automatically parks them and brings you up to them in an elevator. Ha! Lots of work.

    Thanks for this!
    1) I'll look into it
    2) Easily fixed by sitting in the seat before you enter the core
    3) I'd have to build the entirety of Atlantis first, although I think somebody might have a head start on that one.
    good good good.. its all falling into place now