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    plusnine's Default Pack Extension for Servers and Clients 2015-11-21a.

    new hulls, new lights, new decor, and more - all custom, all compatible.

    1. plusnine
      This resource is no longer being mantained. The new resource is titled MF: Shogunate Season 2 Resource pack

      plusnine's Default Pack Extension for Servers and Clients

      by plusnine
      (screenshots are at the bottom of the post)

      • 3 new basic hulls: Lime, Pretty Pink and Cream
      • 5 new standard armors: Emerald, Hot Pink, Gold, Teal and Slate Grey
      • 4 new advanced armors: Olive, Rust, Navy and Wine
      • 4 new lights: Lime, Teal, Indigo, and Pink
      • 3 new sets of animated decor
      • Lettering, Numbering, and Border system for Grey Standard Armor
      • 5 Yellow Hazard Signs
      • A set of logic toggle indicators
      • Custom faction emblems
      • Alternate "Delta" currency blocks for no-shop servers
      • Special effect blocks like one-way glass, secret doors, and green screen chromakey blocks for Starmade videographers!
      • and more!

      • Unzip the file into your StarMade installation's base folder
      • If you are only installing to connect to a server and do not want the extra blocks in your single player game, do not include the customBlockConfig folder.
      • If you are a server administrator or want to use the blocks in single player, install and edit \customBlockConfig\BlockConfigImport.xml to your liking BEFORE you open Starmade.
      • You'll find I commented all the block groups together for easy editing. I recommend a good text editor like Notepad++ for this task.
      • Once they are imported, You will not be able to delete block entries out of the BlockConfig.xml without some serious effort, so make a backup of a Starmade default version! If you get an error, you've got invalid XML in the edits you made to the BlockConfigImport.xml and will need to validate it before you proceed.
      • If you are upgrading from an older version of the pack, always reset your BlockConfig to default before importing the new version!
      • Open your Starmade game or server, and the entries will be imported to your game/server's \data\config\BlockConfig.xml as the game gets to the connection setup screen.
      • Enter the game. You should find most of the new blocks as having entries in nearby shops, creative mode, or try spawning them in using: /give [playername] "Pretty Pink Hull" 1
      • Until Schine changes around some things about how texture packs are distributed from servers to clients, I recommend players install the pack manually and reject the server's offer of custom textures. Servers may wish to only install the \customBlockConfig\BlockConfigImport.xml file to save bandwidth.

      30 spaces are reserved in the pack for you to add your own flavor! Server administrators will find it easy to comment out blocks out of the included XML file they do not wish to appear in their server's universe. Feel free to replace the included 4x4 tile logo with your server's!

      You may not use this pack or any of its contents on a pay-to-play server.

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      ...AND THERE'S MORE!

    Recent Reviews

    1. Ribbons0121R121
      Version: 2015-11-21a.
    2. Tsnonak
      Version: 2015-11-21a.
      This is Awesome Stuff, great job! Sad that it*s not available to the community
    3. The Hive
      The Hive
      Version: 2015-11-21a.
      I can't download this texture. Your external site can't be reached, Why? Can you make it as a Zip, sment file?
      1. plusnine
        Author's Response
        you'll notice at the very top of the post, it says this resource is no longer being maintained. you'll need to contact the current staff of mushroom fleet to find an update for this resource.
    4. Captain Cato
      Captain Cato
      Version: 2015-11-21a.
      Good job this is great stuff. I like it.
    5. SirRadAlotMore
      Version: 2015-10-26a.
      good stuff!
    6. Comradecolonel
      Version: 2015-10-26a.
      Great pack. Adds a lot more variety to shipbuilding.
    7. Manu87HA
      Version: 2015-09-12 a.
      We have a Problem with our Server.
      80% from the Player can't Download this pack from Server.
      1. plusnine
        Author's Response
        from my information thread for this pack under "known issues":
        CLIENTS DOWNLOAD BUT DO NOT USE CUSTOM TEXTURE PACKS: Due to clients downloading textures but not ultimately using them, players connecting to servers using the pack will need to either move the downloaded textures into their installations customBlockTextures folder, or download the pack from this site and install it manually. Some servers and players will crash repeatedly on attempting to download the pack.zip. Manually installed clients who then reject the server's offer of custom textures will work just fine. This bug has been reported to Schine.
    8. AlmightyQ
      Version: 2015-09-12 a.
      Thank you for reading my mind. I have always wondered why no letters/Numbers? Also the animated blocks = Great! One of those reminds me of shooting womp rats back home.
    9. The Judge
      The Judge
      Version: 2015-09-12 a.
      Schema, take note on how everyone likes this.
      Version: 2015-08-22 a.
      Okay, two things:
      First, the fact you have a Brotherhood of Nod emblem is freaking awesome. As a staff member of the most downloaded and highest rated mod for Tiberian Sun (Twisted Insurrection), I can deeply appreciate this.

      Secondly, This is arguably one of the best texture expansions EVER. I'll probably add (ie replace) a few emblems with my own creations. I hope you continue making textures, because these are AMAZING.

      5/5, for sure.