Pirate Command Center (contest entry)

    Pirate Command Center (contest entry) 1.0

    This is my entry for the starmade station contest - A pirate station with a command center theme, has 9 small turrets for defense, decent shields, a faction module, and a pretty big interior.

    after lots of trouble trying to get these pictures uploaded, here they are, enjoy.:)

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    Very nice asymmetrical design! Detail is great and it definitely looks like a pirate command center. My only suggestion is to replace some of the grey with black as it will make the station less plain and more evil looking.
    WOW! this station is really good! everything you can expect from a pirate station, if you ask me. Definitely got that dangerous look.

    I've taken some pictures of the station, and would love to help you upload some pictures. this station deserves more attention ;)